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Frank Thies


Frank has more than 25 years of experience in the financial service industry. He has held senior positions at PWC and Citibank, both in New York and Amsterdam.

He was co-founder and one of the managing partners of the international investment bank InnoCap NV.

As an investment banker Frank mostly focused on structured finance and asset based finance products. This included developing, structuring, closing and managing (alternative) investment funds for financial institutions and MFO’s and arranging and placement of big-ticket asset based financing for multiple companies.

After the purchase of InnoCap by the Dutch investmentbank NIBC, Frank moved to Spain, where he and his wife Joan Neyndorff set up a successful organic wine farm

In 2011 he was requested to represent a client in a corporate restructuring and since that time he became primarily active in advising and representing a selective number of private clients and their companies in acquisitions, mergers, buying and selling assets and corporate restructuring.

Frank studied Economics & Tax Law at the University of Groningen.

Direct:  +5999 843 7236

Mobile: +5999 514 1333

Mobile: +31 613 945 897


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