Long before the existence of modern-style banking institutions, people commonly stored their money at home in orange-coloured clay pots called “pygg”.

Pygg eventually came to be pronounced as “pig”.

The origin of piggy banks dates back nearly 600 years.

PYGG is a boutique company offering corporate finance solutions and family office services to a select group of clients

We offer our clients a transparent boutique company approach in which structured finance, corporate management and family office services work together, preferably managed and coordinated under one roof.

This enhances confidentiality, quality, synergy and efficiency.

With PYGG you will have a committed partner for the long term to assist you with structured finance related projects or with the daily control and overview over your assets. Our family office services include enhancing the legal, tax and financial framework for your private wealth and/or businesses for your generation and those to come. Family office services are provided to a select group of wealthy families and their (Curacao based) entities.

The office and principals of PYGG are based primarily on Curacao. Read more about Curacao here.

Family Office:

  • Setting up the Framework
  • Monitoring
  • More Control over Your Assets

Corporate Finance:

  • Due diligence
  • Preparation listing
  • Guidance and documentation
  • Listing and Monitoring

Latest News

Javier Enrique Serrano Pérez Joins the team!

We are happy to announce Javier Enrique Serrano Pérez further enforces PYGG’s Corporate Finance team as Capital Markets

Margriet Vink joins PYGG

We are very pleased to announce Margriet Vink joined PYGG recently. Margriet has 14 years of experience as director

PYGG corporate advisor in prestigious €126M heritage estate transaction

Nuveen’s Cityhold Office Partnership (‘CHOP’)acquires the ‘Gouden Bocht’ a prestigious €126M heritage estate in the heart of Amsterdam. The

PYGG is accredited by the DCSX (Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange) and that capacity acts as prime Listing Advisor thereby playing a crucial role for both Issuers and investors in exchange listed securities.

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