Wealth management

Asset management and full-service brokerage

At  pygg we take a holistic approach to meet the complex needs of our clients which includes building personal relationships in order to fully understand our clients’ unique needs and challenges.   We then develop a plan with the goal of maintaining and increasing our clients’ wealth based on their current financial situation, future goals and risk appetite.  

After the original plan is developed and approved by our clients, we then assist with implementing tailor-made strategies that normally will include additional services such as  estate planning, wealth protection, retirement and tax services.    

We also meet with our clients on a regular basis to review and update our clients’ financial goals and if necessary, rebalancing their investment portfolio to ensure that it is still in line with our clients’ financial  objectives.

Execution only

Execution only clients are in full control over their portfolio investment strategies.   We offer online brokerage services with direct access to the  Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (“DCSX”).

Throughour brokerage and custodian partnerships in Switzerland and the U.S. we can also offer our clients a broad range of internationally traded securities that are not normally available through our competitors.  

Investment advice

pygg provides financial consultancy services and investment advice specific to our clients’ financial situation and short-and long-term financial goals. Investment advisory clients hire us to advise on their portfolio composition, but ultimately retain control over what is implemented.

Unlike many of our competitors, our investment advisory firm is “pan asset class” and therefore we are not limited to equity or fixed income securities only.  

Asset management

pygg provides services for clients that wish to outsource the management of their investment portfolios. We utilize a systematic research, strategy and investment process avoiding unnecessary costs.

Our investment managers ensure that our clients’ investment portfolios are well managed, sufficiently diversified to deliver on our client’s investment objectives.

Crypto desk

We consider virtual assets, or cryptocurrencies, a new digital asset class that investors should be able to add to their investment portfolios for diversification.   Our crypto desk offers the opportunity to buy and sell digital assets in euros, American dollars, and Netherlands Antillean guilders.  

pygg is currently the only service provider in the Dutch Caribbean offering virtual asset investment advice, execution only and digital investment portfolio management.  

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