TerraMobile BV

Prospectus Summary

TerraMobile B.V.

TerraMobile is a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Curaçao on March 15,2021. In a public tender, TerraMobile obtained a concession from the Government of Curaçao to establish, maintain & exploit a new public telecommunications infrastructure and offer innovative mobile telecommunication services. TerraMobile’s ambition is to become the 1st choice for 4G/5G mobile data and communication by offering a range of reliable and high quality ‘plug & play’ telecommunication products at affordable prices.

Investment Opportunity

  • Curaçao’s telecommunication sector is dominated by two players leaving room for improvement in terms of performance, customer service, and innovation. The need or wish for improvement encouraged the government of Curaçao to make available 2 new concessions by public tender, one of which has been won by TerraMobile.
  • Investing in TerraMobile means investing in innovation of Curaçao’s telecom sector; in a future proof, reliable, fast telecommunication network, and in a need addressing, lean and mean mobile data and communication company offering outstanding products and client service at affordable prices.
  • The founders of TerraMobile have over 30 years of combined telecom experience and are starting with a substantial launching customer base from The Internet Store and C3 Critical Communications.

3-year Projection of Key Financial Figures

            Y1                 Y2            Y3
Sales       3,433,133 9,065,576   13,321,662
EBITDA         1,177,065     6,497,804     10,128,137
Depreciation       (459,728)       (459,728)       (644,316)
Earnings before interest + taxes        717,337 6,038,076     9,483,821
Interest Expense          (546,564)       (511,522)       (474,323)
Gross Result          170,773      5,526,554    9,009,498
Tax         (25,616)     (1,215,842)    (1,982,089)
Net result 145,157 4,310,712 7,027,408

Proposed Transaction

TerraMobile B.V. offers up to US$ 3.8M in ordinary or cumulative preferred shares and a minimum of US$ 3.65M in corporate bonds with a fixed term of 6Y and an interest rate of 7.5% per annum, paid semi-annually. Important notification: Minimum investment of US$ 30,000.

This transaction is considered high-risk, suitable for investors who can afford to lose their entire investment.

Contact Details

For more information including Subscription Form & Prospectus, please contact:

Mr. F. Lammers                   T: +5999 564 1333    E: [email protected], or

Mr. C. Quirijns                     T: +5999 698 8134    E: [email protected]

Local Time
PGFL-CW-CC14  $100CORDG-UK  £0.05AURE-PA  $1,000SDEC  $1,000JMYS  $0.50ZGKY  $0.57WSYS  $0.51UPXS  $0.10MDSF-V9  $1,000NGRF-V9-A  $1,000NGRF-V9-B  $1,000YSAF-V9  $1,000CDSE  $0.40PHAG  SFr.250UMSC  $0.73CHFU-CW  100%BDCB-CW  100%ANVGH-US  $0.00GBIF  $1,000FIDII-PA  $1JGIF-A  $2,000ZGHGF-KY  $10BTGJ  $0.56RGIF  $1,000JXCN  $0.61CASN  $0.43HLKG  $0.14SHAI  $1HFFL-A  $1,000 HFFL-B  $1,000HFFL-C  $1,000SOMS-A1  100%SOMS-A2  100%SOMS-B1  100%SOMS-B2  100%CLDF  $10,039.50LMNV  $1CMRH  $2.50CNYT  $3CWIN  $1JGIF-B  $2,000TRUE  $1.50WNCN  $2LJ99  $0.34MLCO  $0.80 +0.01 (1.26%)MCAG  $1.20FGNV  $320,000WLNV  $12,000RXIF  $1,000KIFL  $1,000CRLC  $26,067.18BEAR  $0.75PVIF-CW  $0.01KSTE  $0.80AIRF-VG-A  $1,000AIRF-VG-B  $1,000AIRF-VG-C  $1,000AIRF-VG-D  $1,000AIRF-VG-E  $1,000AIRF-VG-F  $1,000AIRF-VG-G  $1,000AIRF-VG-H  $1,000AIRF-VG-I  $1,000AIRF-VG-J  $1,000TFFL-A  $2,000SSIF-LA-A  $2,000SSIF-AR-B  $2,000SSIF-AR-A  $2,000SSIF-LA-B  $2,000ICWF  $1,000BLFF  $0.01