About PYGG

At PYGG we have a transparent boutique company approach in which structured finance, corporate management and family office services work together, all managed and coordinated under one roof. This enhances confidentiality, quality, synergy and efficiency.

Our strength lies in our Team. PYGG was founded by three partners, with long term transactional and operational experience in corporate finance, corporate management /services and structuring complex financing solutions for multiple clients in multiple locations.

Albeit that our office is based in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean, we have strategic partners in Europe and a strong network in the US. This global focus, coupled with our extensive strategic partnerships, ensures that we have strong visibility on the market and structuring possibilities. PYGG is an investor driven organisation seeking to provide high value added structuring opportunities to a  diversified relationship base of investors and issuers. These include high net worth individuals, corporations, government related entities and financial institutions.

Our priority is to build long term personal relationships and that can only be earned by trust and reliability of both parties. Structuring your companies financing needs, taking your company public or controlling your wealth and making the right strategic decisions are complicated and time consuming processes. It involves many parties and the handling of multiple issues. At PYGG we have the knowledge and experience to coordinate this difficult process and assist you in making well founded (investment) decisions.

At PYGG we care about our clients.

Long Term Vision



It is our priority to know your needs and goals and build a personal long-term relationship based on mutual trust and reliability.

PYGG proactively finds new ways to better monitor, coordinate, report and structure your wealth, complying with the currently changing economic development and changing laws.

At PYGG we closely monitor the investment criteria of investors and develop innovative solutions and services tailored to investor’s specific demands.

PYGG is fully independent corporate finance and management service boutique. We are not affiliated to any other financial institution. To avoid any conflict of interest our role is to act as independent corporate advisor and / or coordinate our private clients  global holdings and assets.

We do not provide specific investment portfolio decisions, tax advisory or accounting services.