We are happy to announce stock symbol approval and reservation for Lancaster Holdings n.v.

Lancaster Holdings n.v. is pending registration with the Trade Register in Curacao, and will become part of Lancaster Group, head quartered in Canada (“Lancaster”).

Lancaster entered into strategic partnerships with 1. a leading North American travel group, and 2. a hotel management group which is amongst the fastest growing in the Caribbean region. Lancaster establishes and operates hotel casino’s for her partners. Besides the Caribbean, Lancaster has the ambition to enter the Chinese and Russian hotel casino markets. In order to finance its business and business expansion, Lancaster prepares for an IPO via the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange. Lancaster Holdings n.v. will be open to professional and sophisticated investors and form an eligible investment for Curacao Investor Permit applicants.

Reserved stock code: LANH

Approval date: April 8th, 2020

Listing Adviser (LAD): PYGG Corporate Finance B.V.

LAD contact: Frank Lammers