Family Office


As your partner and trusted advisor we will stand next to you in making the right decisions more efficient and better founded. Your time is precious and with PYGG as your partner you regain control over your assets, will manage your wealth faster and improve your strategic decisions.


The global legislative and investment environment is dynamic. Laws, regulations and financial markets are changing all the time. You want to keep control over your assets and holdings and will need a partner who provides you with the right and up to date information. PYGG offers to be your trusted advisor to help you making the right strategic decisions more efficient and better founded.



Setting up the Framework

For present and future generations an essential step is setting up the appropriate legal framework to ensure the ownership and security of your wealth. PYGG will coordinate with your current advisors the implementation of the right structure to accommodate your wishes and to safeguard your wealth, including the scenarios to pass over wealth to future generations, if required.


To have up to date and the right information of your assets we will list all your holdings. We provide reporting and book-keeping services and liaise closely with your accountants and other advisors to keep all information up to date.

PYGG offers to closely monitor asset managers and review, analyse and control the financial reporting of your global investment portfolios and all other assets from a value, risk, yield, and cost perspective. For certain clients if required we offer in depth consolidated 24/7 overviews and wealth reports of all your custodians, banks, assets, securities and all other holdings. This will be done together with our external fintech specialists and the use of specialised family office and financial investments software.



More Control over Your Assets

You will have more and better control over your assets and holdings, thanks to our transparent, comprehensive overviews with detailed necessary information. Together with you, we will use this information to plan your liquidity needs, enhance performance of your investments, and reduce your total risks and exposures.


Other Private Client Services

PYGG offers a range of operational services. Examples of these services are maintaining private administration and cash management, family governance, secretarial and compliance services.

We will closely work with your current advisors and if required have access to leading professionals worldwide.




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