Corporate Management


PYGG is licensed to provide corporate services to Curacao based legal entities. Our corporate services are closely related and linked to our family office services.

We offer to manage your Curacao based investment company or manage your private foundation, company foundation or family trust. Setting up you most efficient business structure PYGG assists selected clients who wish to expand their existing businesses, set up corporate protection structures or start a new business outside their home country.



At PYGG we know what will be required to successfully setup your preferred structure or new foreign office. We coordinate the incorporation of your (investment) company or other legal entity such as a private foundation or trust. We will arrange for all required administrative compliance such as opening bank accounts and applying for the required permits and licenses. During the start-up phase we can provide you with the required presence abroad. We know what is required to successfully invest abroad and set up a new foreign office.

Manage, reporting and compliance PYGG may provide local management services for Curacao-based entities. Basic management services will contain fulfilling the role of local (nominee) director of legal entities and the coordination of professional services, e.g. tax, legal, auditing, compliance, and banking services. More extensive management services consist of ‘hands-on’ interim or fixed-term director services.

Our corporate reporting services may range from administrative including book-keeping and (secretarial) support services such as forwarding of mail, prepare and execute resolutions, managing the entity’s bank account(s), arrange or prepare payments of invoices, locate suitable office, furniture and equipment, and provide day-to-day operations, including handling all incoming and outgoing correspondence. We offer general compliance and help with governance issues.


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