Corporate Finance


As part of our Corporate Finance PYGG is a leading firm to act as Listing Advisor. The Listing Advisor – also referred to as Listing Agent, Sponsor or Corporate Advisor dependent of the capital market a client intends to enter – instigates, coordinates and manages all the pre- and post-listing processes with regards to the creation and listing of securities.



Accredited by the DCSX, PYGG acts as prime Listing Advisor thereby playing a crucial role for both Issuers and investors in exchange listed securities.

PYGG ensures the Issuer’s admission to list and trade complies with the rules and regulations of the exchange. And PYGG manages the ongoing obligations towards the market after the listing completed.


As an authorised Listing Advisor (“LAD”), PYGG is responsible for advising and guiding a company in view of its obligations and its best interests in relation to the listing. To fulfil its role, PYGG will:
• Undertake extensive due diligence to ensure a company is suitable for listing. And if that would not be the case, help the company to meet the minimum standards as soon as possible (Capital Market Coaching);

• Prepare the company for becoming a publicly listed company;

• Provide guidance throughout the flotation process;

• Prepare the admission documentation;

• Confirm appropriateness of the company to the Exchange;

• Acts as the companies advisor, investor relations manager and (financial) ‘conscience’ throughout the life of the listing on the exchange.


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