Corporate Finance


Our corporate finance services entail classical arranging of (bank) debt, tailored structuring of (alternative) debt and equity products for selected and closed group of professional investors, the so called ‘private placements’ and structuring debt and equity products suitable for a larger and open group of investors the so called ‘public placements’.

PYGG is a leading firm to act as your financial advisor and performs a crucial role for both issuers and investors in private placements as well as exchange listed securities.

We are an accredited Listing Advisor with the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (‘DCSX’), which is required to act as Listing Advisor for the admission of companies to the DCSX.

As your Listing Advisor we instigate, coordinate and manage all the pre- and post-listing processes with regards to the creation and listing of securities. We ensure that the Issuer’s admission to list and trade complies with the rules and regulations of the Exchange. PYGG manages the ongoing obligations towards the market after the listing succeeded.

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